Brand Story

“Greego” is a combination of “grida,” a Korean verb which literally translates into “draw” and “grigo,” a Korean conjunction which means “and.” The name implies the characteristic of the lamp where children can continue to change the drawings. It also entails our brand philosophy of sharing and keeping the "shining moment" of life. The Sun, Moon and Star in our logo are meaning of Passion, Love and Hope. We aimed to express the image of a happy family through the "sun" and "moon" stretching their arms to hug the "star."


The brand's founder invented this creative lamp for his little daughter who likes to draw pictures every day. He is a lighting designer in Korea and always wanted to keep the joyful memories with his child. The loving heart toward her made him careful to complete the design and her happiness cheered him up to launched this brand to share with people in world wide.


Now we want to share this brand with everyone who loves art. We want to provide products that help our customers make their own happiness.

                     SUN                                        STAR                                 MOON

             Passion                                  Hope                                Love

About Product

Lamp that can display children’s works of art.

Greego's Lamp is a DIY lamp where children can draw on the cover or print a memorable photograph on it. Participating in designing the lamp cover, the children can enhance their creativity. “Greego Lamp” is comparable from conventional lamps that are thrown out after use. It is a special product that keeps changing and evolving as children grow. Light up the children’s night with “Greego Lamp”. It can not only boost their level of confidence but help them keep invaluable memory.  

Sophisticated illuminating design beyond a simple frame

“Greego Lamp” is designed in the utmost design where children can make their own lamp. They can use crayon, coloring pencil, pencil and water color on special paper tailored for art to draw their own drawings. These drawings can be changed continuously. Users can also utilize the enclosed cutting guide to make lamp cover using various materials. Structured in four-dimensional streamlined design with 4:3 frame, it can display two works of art simultaneously while it is also easy to assemble. Users can also print photographs on their own using page setting (size: 258mm x 155mm) to make photo lamp. It is a lamp that can transform into various designs.       

High quality LED light with 3 levels of brightness adjustment

“Greego Lamp” is an effective illuminating product with 14 high quality LED bulbs manufactured by LG Innotek Co. The diffused reflection light makes eyes comfortable and safe. Users can choose from three types of colors – natural white, warm white, cool white- depending on their preference.  

- Natural white, the brightest light, is perfect for reading a storybook before bedtime.  

- Warm white makes a cozy ambiance. 

- Cool white, the brightness for photographs, is perfect to make image color most vivid.

It is easy to use with a single button on the top. It is also a perfect size that can be used for multi-purses: bed side, table, desk and etc. It is made with poly-carbonate, a strong plastic material, which makes “Greego Lamp” very durable. Using the 1.5m USB connector to supply power, it can be easy used on USB sockets including desktop computer, adaptor or supplementary battery. As it does not need to be charged, it is convenient to use. Check out the brightness and quality of “Greego Lamp.” 

Small art gallery with your children’s story

The design on the lamp can be a perfect theme for bedtime story time whether it be unicorn, fish,  flying car or princess in a rainbow castle. Children will be able to fall asleep as they talk about their art work. The lamp may also take them on a new journey in their sleep. Continue to change their art work to provoke their imagination while enabling them to embark on a new journey. It can be a small but great art gallery with their own stories.   

Fun art project 

“Greego Lamp,” designed both for adults and children can be used by all members of the family. The coloring shade sheets with beautiful design prints can enable adults to easily engage in art activities. Your children’s hand trace or doodling by toddlers can also become great abstract art. Pictures on the drawing pad can also be made into a lamp cover easily as long as you have the cutting guide. Anyone can be a great artist!

Made a photo lamp

You can print photographs of family members, friends, favorite celebrities or baseball players to make photo lamp. It can make you feel better each time you look at the lamp. Place the enclosed “Greego Lamp” paper shade sheet in your own printer and you can easily make photographs into lamp covers by adjusting the page setting. Using the enclosed cutting guide, you can also make lamp covers printed on other sheets of paper. It is best to use 180g/m paper.  

Unique yet meaningful gift idea

Make your own “Greego Lamp” with drawing or message and give it to your loved one. It can become a very special gift. It is also a great gift for baby shower, birthday party, or Christmas. It can be made into a great present as long as there is a small next-generation artist. 

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